Friday, May 7, 2010

Waiting for Godot

She's a puppy. She doesn't understand delayed gratification. She doesn't understand "Wait." She only understands the Now.

Waiting can be hard for all of us, even those of us well past our puppy years. Waiting for anything... a phone call, an email from an editor, an anticipated event...

My husband was away all week on business. She sat at the door, waiting for him to come home at night... she'd eventually turn away from the door and give up, going on to the next event in her busy puppy life.

He finally came home from Florida last night. You'd expect she'd have been jumping up and down with joy, prancing and dancing all over the lawn. Not so much.

In reality, it was a "Hi, Good to See You" moment, and then back to normal. Because this is Now, and Now he's home, the waiting already forgotten, the absence not to be dwelled upon.

Very Zen for a puppy.

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