Friday, May 14, 2010

Puppy Learns to Share

Puppy likes toys. She likes to surround herself with her treasures, just like a little kid sitting amidst a pile of Legos, or shells at the beach. Inside she plays with dog toys and chewy bones.

In the backyard, she has sticks and shells that she hordes as if they were precious.

The Big Dog always wants what the puppy has. It doesn't matter that she hasn't chewed on a stick in the last 24 months. If the Puppy is hording it, it has to be good.

And being the Big Dog in the yard, she takes what she wants.

Right out of the Puppy's mouth.

This has happened a lot in the last several weeks. A lot. With everything. So the Puppy had to develop various new strategies to deal with this problem, because she isn't going to fight with the Big Dog. The Big Dog is her Hero.

But still.
So she's learning to share her toys and treasures. Sometimes they'll chew on the same stick, or the same piece of rope. Other times the Puppy goes and grabs another toy to play with, making the Big Dog drop the one she's already stolen and grab the newer toy.

Leaving the Puppy to have the toy she really wanted in the first place.

Sharing or Manipulation? Either way, it seems she's learning some good life skills.


  1. Aww that's cute!! Those are beautiful dogs :)

  2. Big Dog has no idea that Puppy will end up bigger than her. She's been the biggest for so long now...

  3. I think that big dog will have her toys stolen when puppy gets bigger than big dog because puppy probably does not like her toys being stolen by big dog. then big dog will have to learn how to share like puppy leaned how to share her toys with big dog.

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  5. I can't get ready for school! I never had breakfast, it's the most important meal of the day ( says my book) mom!


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