Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Puppy Turns Seven Months Old

Puppy officially celebrated her 7-month milestone this past weekend. She still seems to be growing at a slow but steady rate, although some days her hind quarters stand taller than her head. My husband still insists that she'll never be a huge Saint Bernard, like her father was. Lord Justice was a 190-pound award winning canine.

But give me a break. A small Saint Bernard is still a rather large dog.

She's still learning and inquisitive and chewing things up when we're not careful. But hey, now that I have a nook maybe I'll buy The Help in a format she won't chew up. She'd better not chew up. Where is that nook again?

She's also very attached to the kids, but the Big Dog is her favorite person to follow.

Puppy is a Big Dog in attitude, if still a Puppy at heart. She's successfully mastered many basic commands, but still thinks of most of them as optional. More reinforcement is needed, especially before she gets much bigger and realizes we can't make her do anything.

Happy 7-month-birthday, Puppy!

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