Friday, September 3, 2010

Earl is on His Way to Cape Cod....

They're flying the hurricane flags over at the Chatham Lighthouse. Route 6 was heavily traveled all day yesterday with tourists cutting short their vacations. The Army Corp of Engineers has said they will close the Sagamore and Bourne bridges when the wind gusts reach a certain level. Most of Nantucket has boarded up their windows.

And yesterday afternoon, my son's soccer team jogged to the Nauset Light beach to play in the heavy surf brought on by the coming storm.

Reactions to the impending storm are mixed here on Cape Cod. Some people are panicked. Some shelves at the supermarket were looking bare yesterday, as the workers hurried to restock items like water gallons.

At my house, we've taken the precautions we would for any storm. We've put all the pool toys in the shed. Brought the grill into the garage. Taken down the patio umbrella. Took the kids' sailboat over to store in my mother-in-law's garage. Bought some water, just in case.

But I'm refusing to panic. I'm sure it will be a big storm. But I don't think another "Bob" or "Katrina" is going to happen. It can't. I'm hosting a dinner party tomorrow night for the extended family, and a major hurricane doesn't fit in with my plans.

So listen up, Earl. You're welcome to visit. Just remember you need to be a good guest an leave before you wear out your welcome. And preferably let the sun back out before cocktail time tomorrow.

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