Thursday, June 9, 2011

Procrastination Nation...

Summer is nearly upon us here on Cape Cod...

Don't you love this windowbox? I applauded my sister-in-law's innovation and she shrugged, saying, "I took so long getting around to planting it last year that the ferns planted themselves."

Sometimes procrastination can be a good thing. But here it is, almost summer, and I didn't finish either of the WIPs I wanted to have done by now.

Most people think that Memorial Day marks the official start of Summer, and that may be true. But the real, heavy-duty tourist season doesn't begin until after the schools get out. So we technically have a few more weeks until the Summer People invade. I'm pretending it's not happening until the very last minute, when I can finally procrastinate no longer because they'll all be here... on the Cape...

Invasion of the Summer People. Maybe that would be a good book to write... would it be an adventure novel or a horror show? I guess it depends on how hot the weather gets...

Honestly, I haven't been writing for a few weeks now. Talk about Procrastination! I did a-a-a-all that yard work and was finally ready to sit down to write again when the rejection slammed into my inbox. Stalled the writing engine yet again. Making my mind wander to other things...

Like summer plans. I finally put the check in the mail (better late than never) for sailing lessons for the kids, and the camps are all lined up - got the doctor appointments squeezed in for the all-important camp physicals. The pool is all set, the neighborhood cocktail parties are scheduled, friends have "booked" our guest room for various weekends...

Bring on the summer fun!

What are you looking forward to this summer? Big trips? Annual getaways? Something special? Go ahead, share your plans and help me get my mind off my lack of writing motivation ;-)


  1. That's a great windowbox!

    Nothing really spectacular; except I do have a dance competition in July and recital's just around the corner. :D

  2. School was out yesterday for us and I also didn't finish the WIP I intended to have done. My yard work isn't done either.
    A number of my days this summer will be spent visiting various colleges with my daughter. Some of them are over night trips. Can't wait to visit Boston.

  3. Yes, it's a beautiful window box. I'm a devil for procrastination. Hence I'm reading blogs when I should be slaving at the WIP :P


  4. Oh gee... those rejections tend to do that don't they? Even tho we know they're part of the game they just have a way of making our hopeful little hearts drop.
    But brush it off and keep moving forward. With each new story is a new opportunity.
    I know what you mean about tourists. I live in FLA so it's tourist season everyday. Never been to Cape Cod but bet it's beautiful!

  5. I'm so jealous. What a gorgeous place to live! I understand what you mean about tourists, I use to work at Disney World. :) Summer hit us hard and early. I'm most looking forward to fall. Some day I hope to visit Cape Cod.
    Take a deep breath and start writing again. I know you will get there.


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