Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Do You Know What's In Your Food?

lllustration by Sebastian Francis-Burnell

In the Holiday Issue of CapeWomenOnline, I've written an article about food labeling - and the fact that the U.S. FDA doesn't require anyone to tell consumers if there are GE or GMO ingredients in our food.

While doing research, I was shocked to find that 70% of all processed foods already contain GMO ingredients. Did you know this? I had no idea, but after more research I guess it isn't surprising - but it is disturbing.

While there are many who want to ban GE and GMO foods (and there's a strong movement in Europe to do so) I think a good first step is just labeling the foods. Let consumers make their own choices. Maybe it won't make a difference to you... or maybe it will. Wouldn't it be nice to have the choice?

To read my article and follow the links to the Just Label It movement, go to

Tell me.... What do you think about genetically modified foods?

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