Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Book Review: CURSED by Lynn Ricci

Today I'm participating in a Review Tour sponsored by Paranormal Cravings Tours. I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Author Lynn Ricci is a Boston-area author with a few books under her belt (and who, according to her website, spends summer vacations here on Cape Cod! I'll have to try to meet her next summer!) I signed right up to read and review her latest book, CURSED, released last December and currently on a birthday tour.

About the Book (from GoodReads):
When Sarah Carter moves to Boston to escape her past she realizes there's more than meets the eye with the landlord and her mysterious new best friend. What happened to the owner of this brownstone and what secrets lie within its walls and continue to torment? Witchcraft, curses and timeless love are not what Sarah expected to find, but as she learns more, she wonders is she actually running back to her past instead of from it?
My Take:

Okay, so from the Goodreads description, I'm not sure I'd have picked this up to read. But I'm glad that I read this dark but sweet romantic tale, and truly enjoyed it.

This is a thoroughly modernized retelling of the classic Beauty and the Beast fairy tale, something along the lines of the YA movie BEASTLY, starring Alex Pettifore. Does that give too much away or does that entice you to read more? Personally, I love the idea of fairy tales retold with modern, urban twists, and have read several lately.

Sarah Carter gets a new job in Boston after an embarrassingly failed office romance back in NYC. She lands an apartment in a lovely brownstone with a mysterious landlord (affordable one bedroom for a young single working girl being part of the urban fantasy, I'm sure, lol.) She makes new friends at work, and is befriended by an exotic woman whom none of her other friends likes. Sarah is sweet, totally like a Belle character, who sees the best in everyone, even her grumpy landlord.

Mason is the mysterious landlord who also resides in the brownstone, disfigured in some accident and reclusively hiding in the shadows. He is drawn out of his self-imposed exile by Sarah's sweetness, drawn to her in an almost magical way. When winter storms and sickness force the two of them to spend time together, he knows he must tell her his story. The tales he weaves of old Boston are the most fascinating parts of the novel.

Ms. Ricci does an excellent job in using Boston as her setting, with wonderful descriptions of the city back in its earlier days, during Mason's youth. She also does a wonderful job of weaving gothic elements throughout the tale, and uses witchcraft in surprising ways to bring the story to life. There was a bit of head hopping in the points of view, but all in all a fast paced read that keeps your attention. CURSED will have you flipping pages quickly until you reach the climax and ultimately the happily-ever-after. Because after all, what good is a fairy tale - even a dark one - without the HEA?

About the Author (from Goodreads):

Lynn Ricci was born and raised in the Boston area. Her professional background is in financial communications and she pursues her artistic endeavors of painting and writing while enjoying an active family life with her two children and dog, Fenway.

A writer of several published short stories including Daydreams, The Dating Intervention is her debut novel. More information on novels available and underway as well as samples of her artwork can be found at www.lynnricci.com

The tour giveaway is:
* 1 copy of paperback CURSED (u.s. only)
* 2 copies of Kindle format CURSED (international) 

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  2. Katie, thanks for reading Cursed as part of the tour and for the great review! Its funny that you mentioned Beastly because when I saw that movie I thought there were some similar elements, too, but of course Cursed is more of a love story across time . . . and a little darker. I hope one of your readers win a copy and can curl up under a blanket to also enjoy Cursed!

    1. Hi, Lynn! So glad I got a chance to be part of your tour and read your book! Maybe we can do something book-wise together next summer when you're on the Cape. (I live here year round) Would be fun to have a joint signing in Chatham ;-)


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