Monday, December 30, 2013

Join me at Darkly Delicious YA

Happy Monday Morning! At my house, we're still busy eating Christmas cookies and lounging in our pjs until noon... but things are brewing over at my new hang-out,  

The Darkly Delicious crew is a fun group of edgy YA authors, all with new releases coming out within the next year. We're traditionally published authors with both large and small presses, passionate about writing suspenseful, intriguing novels for teens and adults. Our works range from contemporary, romance, paranormal, magical realism, or supernatural, but each of our novels feature a darkly delicious storyline that will leave you craving more.

Today's post is cool - a "Feed Your E-Reader" post that has all of the DDYA books and blurbs and buy links... some of the books are on sale right now, too! Need something to read on that new Kindle or Nook you got for Christmas? Check out these Darkly Delicious reads!

The official blog kickoff is in January, to start the new year off with a bang! Several of us have started posting this month, chatting about Holiday traditions, cravings and pet peeves.

My post was supposed to appear today, but apparently, the calendar got switched up and my post appeared on Sunday December 22nd... listing my "Top 5 Holiday Secrets" - although, now that the holidays are over, I don't have to lie about my Worst. Christmas. Gift. Ever. (and who gave it to me!)

Read my post here:

Next month, I'll be dishing about the Darker Side of Shea MacNamara from my SON OF A MERMAID series. I'm on the schedule for January 20th... but I'll remind you. Don't worry.

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