Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Celebrating National Dog Week ~ Sharing Puppy Tales

My post on Sunday explained how the last week in September is designated as "National Dog Week," and that it's been a "thing" since 1928. When Tiffany from Dropcam sent me an email alerting me to National Dog Week, it got me thinking about all the crazy things my dogs have done over the years ~ some funny, some not so hilarious.

In my latest novel, MY KIND OF CRAZY, the main character fosters a Saint Bernard as a favor to a friend. The puppy causes a few problems - from running through a screen door to tracking fresh paint all over the second floor... and some of the "attitude" the dog has in the book is directly based on my own Saint. It's a unique breed in that they are very stubborn and independent, but at the same time very sweet and loving. The sweet part is important, or no one would put up with the behavior!

When Puppy was young, she had a bit of a chewing problem. Books were some of her favorites- which was a real moral dilemma for me as an author! But luckily, she grew out of it. Eventually.

There were a few instances when Puppy sat in things she shouldn't have, or ate things that weren't for her, or got into the kind of trouble that required veterinary assistance...
Stealing stuffed animals...
Caught tasting the Christmas decorations...
The inevitable cone....
Despite the problems, the trouble, the expense.... I wouldn't have it any other way. Puppy is a big part of our lives and a big part of our family - and not just because she's big. If you have a dog - any breed of dog - you know what I mean.

What's the funniest thing you're dog has done lately? (And did you take the time to snap a picture?)
Happy National Dog Week!

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