Sunday, September 21, 2014

Celebrating National Dog Week

National Dog Week is celebrated during the last full week of September each year - this week! And yeah, it's a real thing.

First established in 1928, the idea is to celebrate responsible dog ownership as well as those cute little pups we bring into our homes and families. In my latest book, MY KIND OF CRAZY, my heroine agrees to foster a Saint Bernard puppy, adding more craziness to her life. The dog in the book is based on my own experiences with our Saint Bernard. They start out sooooo little and cute... you fall in love way before you find out just how stubborn they can be and how much havoc one dog can cause...
My Puppy at 6 weeks old
Actually, I'd never heard of National Dog Week until I received an email from Tiffany at Dropcam, a home monitoring company that sells wifi security cameras with fun features to make it easy to check on our homes while we're away - and even see what the dog is up to while we're at the office. As in are they protecting the home, or did they invite all their buddies over for a wild dog party?
(Dog Party in the mud hole! Yuck!) 

(One look at that smile and you can guess who started the mud party...)

Tiffany even forwarded a funny graphic with the different categories of Dog Personalities...

My Puppy ranges in personality, actually, from pretending to be the "Bouncer" to actually being a Social Butterfly... to her favorite Couch Potato mode. There are very few people she doesn't like - so when she gets all "Bouncer" we know something is wrong.

We never had an issue with dogs being a "Fence Hopper" or acting like a "Barking Buzzer" - well, at least not until this past year of home renovations, when the comings and goings of various construction and remodeling people got both dogs into the barking habit. But Puppy's natural state is definitely Couch Potato, and she especially likes to slide into empty beds after the kids have left for school...
What about you? Does your dog fit into one of Dropcam's categories? Do you know what your dog does when you're not at home?


  1. Round these them parts, it's celebrate pups every single ding dong day, and that's how it should be.

    1. I hear you! My dogs think they are kids #4 and #5, which is fine with me.

      Thanks for stopping by and saying hi!


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