Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Writing Wednesday: Be My Guest

Summer is over and Back-to-School time is upon us. Are you ready? I am!

Okay, that's not really me, but it is my kids. I may be a little old to be going back to school myself, but I'm using this quintessential time of reorganization to get my blogging back on track. I mean, what happened to my book review this week, right? I swear I scheduled it and yet when I checked in, it wasn't there. C'mon, Katie. Get it together.

With my new day job and my renewed commitment to my writing (two more books on the horizon this year, one already scheduled for January 2016 release) I may need a little help with the blogging. Which is why I'm opening my blog up to guests for the rest of the year. Want a guest spot to chat with new readers about your latest book or your thoughts on writing? C'mon over for a visit. I'll bring the coffee and M&Ms, you bring the witty reparte and insights.

If you'd like to take me up on this offer, email me at katie (dot) osullivan (at)

I'm reserving Fridays to feature other authors, as well as the occasional Wednesday. Mondays will still be for book reviews - I've got four lined up from my weekend reading, as well as the post that somehow didn't get published this week while I was away. Like I say, need to get organized!

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