Friday, May 27, 2016

Friday Feature: His Last Day of High School

Today is my middle child's last day of high school.

It's hard to imagine it when I still picture him as this little kid - not the oldest, not the youngest, but my middle one. Kind, thoughtful, smiling, and Always there. Except now he'll be headed off to college in Chicago.

Senior year has been a rollercoaster ride of emotional upheaval, so much to process and so many bittersweet endings. Today is another in that journey, but I'm hoping it's a positive one for him. So now I'm going to share some of my favorite pics from this past year...and try to get over the fact that next school year there will only be one little birdie left in the nest...

Congrats to my middle child, and the Valedictorian of his graduating class. May your college days hold even more smiles than High School!

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