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Monday Book Review: Mistletoe Match, by Lindzee Armstrong #HolidayBooks

Mistletoe Match, by Lindzee Armstrong
Book 6 of 7 in the No Match for Love series
Published October 2016 by Snowflake Press

About the Book:
An animal rights activist desperate for a family. The divorced marketing director of the pharmaceutical company she’s trying to destroy. Can one impulsive kiss be the foundation for a happily ever after?

Michelle Collins is on a mission to end animal testing, and no guy is going to get in her way. When she kisses a mystery man underneath the mistletoe, it seems like Christmas magic—until she finds out he’s Austin O’Neal, the new marketing director of the pharmaceutical company she’s sworn to destroy.

Austin’s life is a wreck. The ink on his divorce papers is barely dry and his three children are struggling to adjust to a cross-state move. He can’t afford to add his new job to his list of failures, but a local activist group is ruining the company image he was hired to improve. He thought life couldn’t possibly get messier—until he kisses Michelle.

When Michelle’s dog is hit by a car, Austin is the unexpected hero, and their perceptions of each other begin to change. Can one impulsive kiss really be the foundation for a happily ever after?

This is a full-length sweet/clean contemporary romantic comedy that will delight readers who love Hallmark movies. Each book in this series by USA Today bestselling author Lindzee Armstrong can be read as a stand-alone.
My Take:

My first Christmas themed book of the season! A cause for celebration in and of itself, and luckily, this novel didn't disappoint. It's part of a series by this author that I haven't read, but her writing style is smooth and engaging, and I'm thinking I may have to try a few more of her stories!

Michelle Collins is a second grade teacher with a passion for saving the planet. She's a dedicated and compassionate teacher, a vegan, and a longtime member of a local animal rights group who ferret out bad corporate practices and bring them to light. Her eyes were opened to animal testing a as teen interning at a cosmetics company where she rescued a blinded dog.

Austin O'Neal is a nice guy, and a good father to his three kids. He just went through a painful divorce and a move from Nevada to California, to start at his new job as Chief Marketing Executive at Wellspings Pharmaceuticals who test their new anti-seizure drugs on... Wait for it... Animals.

Michelle's activist group has the local company in its crosshairs, but she has no idea who Austin is when they meet at an event and share a blazing kiss under the mistletoe. Almost worse in a way, is the next day when Austin shows up at her classroom door with his youngest daughter in tow, her newest student.

Add to that a truly self absorbed and vindictive ex wife, an activist leader who's a single-minded zealot, and a host of other secondary characters who complicate things even more... And you end up with a really absorbing and totally fun second chance romance set to the tune of Jingle Bells.

The kisses they share are steamy, but that's as far as the author takes us in the relationship, which was surprisingly okay, especially for a Christmas story. Think Hallmark and a cup of hot chocolate. I loved every minute of it and blazed through it.

Totally recommend and give it 5 stars for both the plot twists and writing prowess. And I'll be on the lookout for more from this author.

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