Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Writing Wednesday: Meet Time Travel author D.K.Deters #HolidayBooks

Continuing my focus on #HolidayBooks, today I'm chatting with D.K. Deters, who has a wonderful Christmas time travel out this season. I already posted my review earlier this month, but now I'm talking with the author and getting the inside scoop on her writing life.

Welcome, D.K. Deters!

Hi D.K.! Tell us a little about yourself, and what kind of books you like to read and write.

Hi Katie. Thanks for having me on your blog!

After earning a Bachelor of Science in Business, I worked in the telecommunications industry. My commute was an hour and a half one way, so I teamed up with some carpool buddies. With time on my hands, I’d jot down my stories on loose leaf. I figured I’d stick out the commute for five years, but five turned into thirty. My husband and I raised three children.

I’m open to most genres, but I love reading historical and time travel romance.
What's your favorite part of being an author?

I’m glad you asked. It’s always a great day when a reader passes along positive feedback.

I hear you on that one! What's your approach to writing? Do you plot or go with the flow?

I used to be a pantster, but after cutting about ten thousand words from one of my manuscripts, I decided plotting would have saved me a lot of valuable time and unnecessary grief. Since then, I always plot.

Wow, good for you. I wish I could say I plotted all the time... but... oh well!
If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?

It’s tough to pick one, but I’d choose superhuman strength, so I could help save the world. 

Tell us about your new/latest release!

Christmas Once Again is a sweet time travel romance.

Antique consultant Madison Knight is broke and facing eviction. On December 24th, rancher Zach Murdock offers double the money for the return of his grandmother’s missing painting. Gran believes the painting has special powers.

Is old granny crazy or is the painting the real deal? For that little matchmaker in all of us, these characters will touch your heart and brighten your holidays.

Why time travel? (Don't get me wrong, I LOVE me some time travel!)... and will you write more in this genre?

The holidays inspire me, and I enjoy rekindling sentimental memories. I wanted to write a fun story about ordinary people who find themselves in extraordinary circumstances. Time travel was the perfect genre to make that happen.

After the final revisions, I said never again, but I’ve been backpedaling. If a solid storyline came to me, I’d go for it.

(Fingers crossed for more!) Okay, you’re casting the movie version of your novel – who would you choose for the main characters? We’re talking dream cast.

Hands down, Chris Pine and Gal Gadot.

Wow, yes, I can totally see them in these roles! Nice choices! Where can readers find your eBook and where can they find you online?
My book is available in all the following spots:
The Wild Rose Press
Barnes and Noble-Nook
Overdrive for Libraries
Google Books

Amazon Author Page:

Katie, it was a pleasure visiting with you. Thanks for inviting me to talk about my characters. Happy Holidays to everyone!



  1. You had me at time-travel and Chris Pine, D.K! Enjoyed the interview and excerpt. Wishing you all the best!

  2. I'm a sucker for time travel books. Great post!

  3. Congratulations D.K. this one’s is going right on my TBR.

  4. You're all terrific for dropping by. Thank you so much for the fun comments! And thanks to Katie for the great questions!

  5. Great post. Best of luck with your release. It's an intriguing plot.

  6. Enjoyable interview – nice to learn more about you. Sounds like a wonderful Christmas story. Best of luck!


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