Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Writing Wednesday: A Visit with author Mary Morgan

Today I'm excited to host Mary Morgan, who writes extraordinary historical paranormal fiction. Her books are totally engrossing and all kinds of fabulous, sweeping you off into other realms where anything seems possible.

She has a new book out this summer, the fourth in her Fae Warrior series, and a great addition to the stories - DESTINY OF A WARRIOR. Friday, I've got an excerpt to share on the blog but today Mary's talking about the top reasons to check out her book AND hosting a Rafflecopter giveaway (don't leave without entering!)

Welcome to my blog, Mary!

Eight Reasons You Should Read Destiny of a Warrior

1. Fenian Warrior, Aidan Kerrigan is the perfect hero. He’s ancient and powerful—honorable and loyal to his people. At seven foot tall with eyes the color of lavender and silver, he conveys a charismatic charm that oozes with raw sexiness. Need I say more?

2. You get to explore ancient standing stones (think Stonehenge) and find out what some of the graffiti on the stones mean.

3. Not only are you able to wander inside a thirteenth century Scottish castle, but an even older one in Ireland.

4. I’m taking you inside the Pleasure Gardens within the Fae realm. Be forewarned and prepared. It’s sensual.

5. You get to witness a favorite hobby of the Queen of the Fae.

6. As a member of the Society of the Thistle, Rose MacLaren will show you her secret agenda regarding the standing stones, and it doesn’t pertain to botanical study.

7.  Discover what a Fenian Warrior likes to cook.

8.  Celtic Mythology comes alive within the pages of this story, and when you’re done, you’ll feel transported into another world.

Thanks so much for hosting me on your blog, Katie! Readers, don’t forget to enter the rafflecopter giveaway for a chance to win the prize package!

About the Book:

"You met him in the Order of the Dragon Knights. Now, journey to the realm of the Fae and witness their greatest legend!”

As leader of the Fenian Warriors, Aidan Kerrigan’s accolades are many and his loyalty to the Fae unwavering. When an unexpected mission sends him to the human world and a chance encounter with Rose MacLaren, he’s tempted for the first time in his existence to discard duty and claim what is forbidden.

Rose MacLaren, a Society of the Thistle member, yearns to expand her botanical knowledge with her love of history. After her rescue by a handsome stranger, she is compelled to look beyond what her rational mind comprehends and unravel the secret of the standing stones, as well as the man who captivates her. 

In a mystical world ruled by ancient laws and edicts, can a fierce warrior choose a path destined for love? And will a woman honoring the ways of the land believe in a myth only spoken of in legends? If they do, will their love be enough to defy death’s punishment?

RAFFLECOPTER: (June 5 – July 15, US and Canada only)
Grand Prize: Signed print copy of DESTINY OF A WARRIOR
Celtic jeweled bookmark
$5 Starbucks Gift Card 

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Thanks so much for hosting my new release, DESTINY OF A WARRIOR on your blog, Katie! :)

  2. Souds very enticing. Best of luck.

  3. It's bound to be as terrific as all your others, Mary! Best of luck

  4. Mary Morgan sweeps me into a magical world I care never to leave. She better keep on pumping them out or I'm going to be one unhappy soul!

  5. Thank you for your beautiful words, Eileen. Adore you! And I've promised my editor to keep on writing stories until I'm 100! ;)


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