Monday, March 30, 2009

Just around the corner...

Cape Cod Weather Today: Wet. Overcast. Mid 40s. Not a nice day, but better than yesterday, and getting better all the time.

I found crocuses blooming in my next door neighbor's yard! Somehow the bunnies missed this group of purple lovelies, or at least they were still there yesterday when I snapped this photo. Bright, cheerful, warm, inviting....

Yeah, spring!

If it was the least bit sunny, I'd be outside raking the lawn and doing some yard work. But it's not. Maybe tomorrow.

The landscapers arrived back in the neighborhood last week, raking, blowing, mulching and mowing... so all the empty houses are now sitting at attention, ready for their summer occupants to return. Alas, the weather isn't cooperating. I was just told that next weekend is predicted to be just as gloomy as this past one was.

The small business owner who said this to me on the phone this morning was a little depressed; when the forecasters predict rain and fog for Cape Cod, visitors make other plans. Especially in the current economy. But he was optimistic for the summer, hoping people choose to stay close to home for vacations and spend money locally in small shops such as his, the Dennisport General Store. He and his wife have a cool mixture of clothing, jewelry, crafty Cape items and kitchen accessories - I bought my husband a fancy new martini shaker for Father's Day last year. Neat stuff! You can visit them (and even buy stuff) online at:

Or if you're on the Cape, they're down the road on Route 28, Main Street in Dennisport.

Joe and Colleen are both wonderful, and very helpful. Joe went to school out in western Massachusetts with one of my best friends, but has been on the Cape a while now. He can talk your ear off about anything - today it was container gardens, and growing summer squash here on Cape Cod (hard to do, apparently.)

They're looking forward to summer as much as I am.

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