Friday, March 6, 2009

A smile for a rainy Friday morning...

Cape Cod weather today: Overcast and windy, but finally warmer. The skies threaten rain, but the weatherman on the radio insists is getting brighter out there....

Just a short post today, as my middle son handed me a rainbow on the way to school and I thought I'd share.

Me: "Isn't it dress-up day at school today?"

11-year-old: "Yeah."

Me: "Aren't you supposed to be dressed as your favorite book character?"

11-year-old: "Yeah."

Me: "So who are you supposed to be?"

11-year-old: "I'm Shea Maguire, from the book you're writing. I'm reading the manuscript again, remember?"

Me: (smiling) "I wrote your favorite character? Really?"

11-year-old: "Yeah. It's so much better now. I love it."

Me: (speechless)

11-year-old: "Bsides, it's easy cuz he looks just like me already."

Me: (laughs) "So that's the real reason."

11-year-old: "No. I really really like it. And it'll be fun to explain that my mom WROTE me."

(car reaches the elementary school)

11-year-old: "Bye mom."


  1. That is great! No matter what his reason for dressing like himself!


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