Friday, March 20, 2009

Welcome Spring....

Cape Cod Weather Today: Mostly cloudy, but I think the rain is done for the moment (the dogs hope so too, as they didn't get to the beach yesterday.) It's only 36 degrees outside, but it doesn't feel cold (how ironic, that two weeks ago mid-40s still felt chilly) There is, however, a chance of ocean-effect flurries this weekend - aaarrrgggh! Spring? Hello? Spring?

Happy First Day Of Spring!

It's ironic that when I'm on a roll with my writing, I don't blog as much. That's probably the case with everyone, though, so I won't worry about it too much. I didn't even make it to writing class last night, because I got so caught up with my writing during the day I wasn't prepared ... oh, I had a chapter to bring to class, but I wasn't prepared with the kids' dinners, or the husband's dinner... I guess I've bought pizza the last few Thursdays... oh well.

I did finish the rewrite of "Finding Blue." It's down to a lean 80,000 words, and I'm thinking it's pretty tight, but I do need to read through it once more before sending it off to my editor.
*hopefully* she likes it, too. We'll see.

Need to get the kids ready for school now - Enjoy the first day of Spring!

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