Friday, March 27, 2009

Random Rambling

Cape Cod Weather Today: Drizzle. Fog. Wet. But Warmer... already 41 degrees out there. There's hope for spring... and the landscapers are back in the neighborhood, a sure sign of things to come...

It's been a busy week in many ways, except for my writing. I've barely put any new words on any pages, except my Facebook page. Not a good sign. I did however, clean a bunch of boxes out of my attic that have been there for three years, a few of which were labeled "Open Now." There was one that my sarcastic little sister wrote on with "Store Forever because I never should have moved it in the first place." Hmmm. Will need to talk to her about that at the next family holiday.

It felt good to get that pile of stuff out from over my head, literally, although it hasn't moved all that far yet. It's now piled in the garage. Just the fact that it's out of the attic helps me a lot, as strange as that might sound. I may actually get some writing accomplished today. Yea.

I'm also feeling out of sorts that I didn't sign up for the writer's conference this weekend in Framingham. I should have. I should have waited to send the manuscript to my editor, and taken it to the conference to pitch to other agents and editors. And met the publisher of the house that's printing my first book, because I read she's going to be in town for this meeting. Oh well; even though writing is my job, it still isn't my priority. I have so many things on the schedule... so again I say "Maybe next year."

On the bright side, I'll be spending Sunday in Boston with an old friend while my son goes to see the Harlem Globetrotters with his aunt, a belated birthday/Christmas gift he's been eagerly anticpating. I'm looking forward to shopping and gossip.

And next week we'll start on the gardening, my other favorite form of procrastination. Keep the fingers crossed for good weather!

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