Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween: One Very Long Saturday

In the afternoon, there were guitar lessons, band, bank party, and trick-or-treating at the Cape Cod Mall (you wouldn't believe all the little kids who went to do their holiday candy collection inside the safety of the mall!)

After all that, we met up with friends and did the actual walking-in-the-dark-of-night "real" trick-or-treating around a neighborhood over in Chatham that is one of the more popular spots in mid-Cape, and then another neighborhood here in town that also had a few really decked out homes. Half the excitement is in walking in the dark, scuffing your feet through the dry leaves. That feels like the Charlie Brown moment to me.

The trick-or-treaters end a very long Halloween!
You can see that for actual trick-or-treat my daughter decided to go with the "Queen of the Night" costume (with her new black tiara from the mall.)
It's better to be something really scary when it's dark out.

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