Friday, April 9, 2010

Finally Friday

It never occurred to me that Editor Kitty might just be tired.

Not frustrated, not giving up, just plain ol' tired.

I'm so tired this morning, that I know I need to go back and look at those magazine pages one more time. They didn't make sense when I opened them earlier, although last night they all sounded fab (in my jellybean-fueled frenzy) during a long conference call with the publisher while we organized the Letters to the Editor page over the phone.

The new Spring issue of CapeWomenOnline should be available online this weekend. We have some fabulous articles lined up - although in truth there seems to be a theme of emerging from darkness running through most of them. It was a long, cold, wet winter. Now we head into Spring and all its bright glory, while acknowledging that we made it through.

I for one am so very done with the winter season. Cape Cod did not get to enjoy the 80 and 90 degree temperatures felt off-Cape this week (that cool ocean breeze kept us in the 60s) but we had a few beautiful days nonetheless. I'm ready for the full-time sunshine of Spring. But I need a nap first.

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