Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Ghost Tale for Tuesday

Not only are there a lot of ghost stories here on Cape Cod, there are a lot of people who believe in spirits, ghosts and angels. Many will tell you that they believe because they have experienced personal encounters.

At CapeWomenOnline magazine, Lynn Delaney is a regular contributor whose column is entitled "Message from Spirit." Each issue, she channels a message for our readers from her spirit guides, giving Universal truths. She also has her own website and teaches classes in such things as mediumship and opening yourself to messages from your own personal spirit guides.

According to Lynn, the Universe is always trying to talk to us. We just need to slow down and listen to the wisdom it tries to impart.

Okay, I'll admit that I thought that the Message from Spirit she submitted for the Spring Issue was based on her own personal experiences, and held little Universal Truth. But then I saw how the rest of the articles in the magazine were shaping up. Teen Cutting. Depression. Surviving Cancer. The death of a Child. Dealing with Grief. Heavy topics for a Springtime Issue.

It was then I realized her Message really tied to the whole theme of making it through the darkness of Winter into the light of Spring, no matter if the seasons are metaphorical or based on the actual seasons.

There's a Holistic print magazine called "Spirit of Change" which also has a similar column, where the author gives a Message for the month, and then forecasts a few of the zodiac signs (he never seems to forecast Leo for me, though.) Anyway, I was surprised to note that his Message dovetailed perfectly with Lynn's. Maybe there is something more Universal to these truths and messages than I had realized.

Lynn has also written a few articles for the magazine, including a Christmas story that can really be called a Ghost Tale for Tuesday. Since I've already rambled on, click here to link to the Holiday Issue of CWO to read her story, A VISIT FROM THE SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS.

Please sign up on the homepage of the magazine to receive announcements and notifications for when the latest issue comes online. We promise not to fill your inbox with unwanted notices, but we do want you to know when you can find all the new stories and articles - and a new Message from Spirit. The Spring issue is almost live - don't miss it!

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