Thursday, April 15, 2010

Puppy Gets Her Feet Wet

The puppy seems to have decided that the ocean is "no big deal." Unlike many dogs we've had the pleasure to introduce to the Atlantic shoreline, this one is trying really hard to be blase about the whole thing.

The waves don't phase her as they scoot in an out, reaching up to wet her toes as she bravely trots along the line where water and sand meet. She stops and watches the curl and rush with nary a flinch.

But she has yet to swim.

Which is good, since she's little and it's the Atlantic Ocean, after all.

She got close over near the long jetty, as if the rocks gave her some reassurance that the vast ocean wouldn't swallow her whole. She almost went in... then changed her mind. She tasted the ocean - salty, I'm sure. Perhaps that gave her pause.

I'm in no rush. She has all the time she needs.


  1. The close up picture of her face is sooo cute. I love the story you wrote about her encounter with the ocean.

    Straight From Hel

  2. She's grown already!!!

  3. She goes to the vet tomorrow to be officially weighted and measured... but yeah, we've noticed that she grows a bunch every day...


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