Monday, April 26, 2010

Puppy Visits the Lake

All of our dogs have learned to swim in Chatham's Schoolhouse Pond. My husband spent his childhood summers in a cottage on the shore, which his mom still owns.

It's a kettle hole pond, common on Cape Cod, and really more of a lake in size. Usually there are sandy beaches, but with the unusually wet winter and spring, the water is the highest I've ever seen it.

When Midget showed an interest in the ocean last week, my husband said, "We should get her over to the lake." There was a break in the clouds on Sunday, and we loaded the dogs into the minivan.

Her first reaction was one of confusion. Where were the waves? Where are the shells and crabs to chew on? And then she took a tentative drink - she was excited to find the lake water tasted good, and drank a few gallons before jumping on in.

The lake doesn't offer sandy beaches or spider crabs, but the tall grasses and cattails make excellent hiding spots, as the puppy tried to sneak up on the bigdogs to steal tennis balls.

We loaded wet and happy dogs back into the van. The puppy may not have learned to swim, but she really loves the lake.


  1. I love reading these puppy chronicles. Vicki

  2. Thanks, Vicki! I'm having fun writing them. Hard to believe how fast she's growing!


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