Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New Cover Art to Share!

Just received the final artwork for my new book, coming out in November from Moongypsy Press. It's a romantic suspense, set on Cape Cod. I haven't received the final "blurb" from my editor yet, but the one I'd written goes like this:

Dumped by her boyfriend in a made-for-the-tabloids bar scene, reporter Jane Peterson decides her life needs a total change. A new town, a new career path… and a new attitude toward men when she accepts her best friend’s dare to kiss a perfect stranger.

Because of his famous father, Keefe Walker is no stranger to the tabloid press. He’s kept a low profile for years, painting houses and drifting through life without much thought to career or future. Until he meets Jane. She’s everything that scares him. And everything he desires.

When her past catches up with her, Jane and Keefe need to decide if they trust each other... and if what they have together is worth fighting for.

Sometimes it takes a perfect stranger to make you realize what you truly want.

I guess I need to read through the story again and find an excerpt to post now. What fun!

Twelve days and counting!

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  1. Awesome!!!! After reading that he lookes like a Keefe...can't wait to get your new book! :)


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