Monday, October 25, 2010

Puppy Likes to Run

You may think this is strange, but it never really occurred to me just how active and bouncy Puppy is, until I tried to keep her quiet. These are photos are from last weekend, when she was still allowed to run. And run she did.

Let me explain.

Puppies of a certain age need to visit their vets for a "special" visit, one that ensures longer healthier lives for them, but also means there will be no little puppies nipping at their feet. At least, not their own little puppies.

Yes, Puppy went for the big "S" and was spayed last week. The surgery went well, and she came home the next morning after a restful overnight stay with the lovely staff at the Animal Hospital of Orleans.

But now all she wants to do is run.

You'd think after major surgery, she might want a few days to recover? I know I would. We're doing our best to keep her quiet, but the accusatory looks are wearing me down. She wants to play. And romp. And bounce.

The vet specifically said, "No Bouncing."

When I looked through photos this morning, I realized it's hard to find one of Puppy where she isn't running and/or bouncing. There are some, but not a lot. My husband keeps saying how mellow she is, and he's right. But she's also extremely exuberant.

Can't wait until she can get back to the beach again, and be her old bouncy self.


  1. Had the same experience with 2 cats...."don't let them jump up on anything".....sure, Doc, I'll be sure to tell them, no jumping. I finally figured if it hurt, they'd be calm, if it didn't....would it really hurt them? btw, they both were fine, jumping and all.

  2. Good to know ;-)
    Thanks, Vicki!

    Actually, we had to cut the bandages off her back legs today as well - the vet wants them to "air out" before we go to get the stitches out. Ewww. The adhesive is stuck right to her fur, poor girl.

  3. Those are gorgeous photos!

    We have similar problems whenever our cat Rufus needs to be kept in, which is reasonably frequently given the way he likes to pick fights with other cats and ends up damaged!

    I hope it's not too long till she's allowed to bounce again.


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