Saturday, October 2, 2010

Puppy Has a Cold

Dog snot.

It's one of those things you don't think about, until it's practically the only thing you can think about.

Poor puppy has had a stuffed up nose all week long. She's drinking water like it's going out of style, and having trouble finishing her breakfast (although dinner never seems to be an issue.) We thought it was allergies, but now it really seems more like a cold.

Her nose and throat have been rattling with - forgive the phrase - Dog Boogers. Thick, nasty boogery mucous.

She's finally started blowing them out - gross, and quite different than the drool she copiously wipes on the other dogs and anyone who stops to say hello to her when we're out walking. Drool is a Saint Bernard hazard. I'm hoping dog snot isn't a Usual Thing.

She still insists on jumping in the car with me whenever I do my mom-taxi gigs, and it's getting hard to get out of the front door without her, even with her not feeling 100%. She may be the only dog I know who needs to learn the command "Not Going."

She will accept this new command at certain times of the day. Not for the early morning trip to the bus. She likes that one. Won't let us leave the house without her. And certainly not for the afternoon trip to pick up after soccer. She likes to take her 3:00 nap on the backseat during that long, round trip drive. But "Not Going" is becoming more imperative to learn than "Sit" or "Come."

Maybe a new command to learn this weekend will be "Blow," to see if we can get the rest of those dog boogers out of there.

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  1. When I wrote this post, I didn't realize how prolonged or how serious a dog cold could be. Not necessarily in a full-grown dog, but in a puppy who's immune system isn't fully developed.

    3 weeks and several hundred dollars later, I do appreciate that a puppy cold needs to be taken care of. Especially in a puppy the size of mine - the antibiotics alone cost almost $200 !

    The good news is that she's feeling all better, and has only a few days left of the medicine. Which is good, because I'm running out of ways to giver her the pills. Too smart for her own good!


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