Thursday, October 7, 2010

Puppy Goes to Race Point

For those of you unfamiliar with Cape Cod, Race Point Beach is down at the very tip of the Cape, in Provincetown. It's one of those beaches you can get permits for to drive on, to park RVs on, and to have bonfires.

One of our best friends lives in P-town, and every year we have an end-of-season beach party with him. This year was a little colder than usual, but between the bonfire and margaritas, we stayed warm.

It was Puppy's first time at Race Point. She loved it.
She loved running back and forth with the kids, up and down the wide beach and along the water's edge where curious seals kept a close eye on the fishing rods. The seals are notorious for stealing fish right off your hook.

One of the other traditions we've developed over the years is to try and take the "dreaded" Christmas card photo during this fall trip to the beach. If you have kids, you understand. It's an annual ritual that's just got to be done. By trying to take it during a fun afternoon, I'm hoping to get real smiles out of the kids.

It was Puppy's first time being part of the picture-taking process.
Puppy put up with it pretty well, and cooperated as my husband snapped dozens and dozens of photos...
...and he kept taking pictures as the waves crashed the party, completely soaking sneakers, socks, pants, dogs...
...but finally the waves got to be a little too much and everyone scattered. The boys hightailed it out of there, back to the bonfire to dry their sneakers. My daughter and Puppy, however, decided to play in the surf for a while. Luckily, I'd packed both towels and dry clothing.

A successful trip, even if we didn't get "the" photo for the Christmas cards. Next year, I'm hoping for warmer weather...


  1. I think these pics are fantastically real ... mantle Christmas cards, if you saw last night's "Better with You" on TV ... put them in a collage, and go for it ... I think they're great, and they have feeling, they're not stagnant like the usual ... Great story ...

  2. it looks like you all had a fantastic time. Such gorgeous scenery!


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