Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Countdown to the Holidays: Puppy Tries to Help

She means well. I know she does.

No, I'm not wrapping gifts already - I was, however, trying to get the guest room cleared out for the arrival of my parents for a Thanksgiving visit. I'd gotten some Christmas bins out in October so that I could get at the Halloween boxes stuffed even further back in the recesses of my attic.

Now I've successfully (if only temporarily) shoved the whole mess back in there.

Puppy really wanted to help - or at least, not let me out of her sight. And being in the middle of everything is what she does best. She was curious about what was in the boxes... and tipped one or two over just to check out the contents...

Just wait until the Holidays really get into gear...


  1. Well, puppy's gift will be easy. She gets all the wrapping after it's been torn off the packages!


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