Wednesday, November 24, 2010

PERFECT STRANGERS is sighted on Long Island

Another friend has received her copy of my book in the mail, and posted a photo on her Facebook wall to tell all her friends!

Annie was a girl whom I went to high school with in Northern New Jersey, and we played on the volleyball team together for four years - the team even went off to volleyball camp up in upstate New York together one summer to hone our skills. I saw my first Who concert with her and some other girls at Shea Stadium on the band's (first) farewell tour.

I hadn't seen or heard from her until our 20th high school reunion, which she helped organize. It was great to reconnect, and we've been Facebook friends ever since. FB is a great tool for that kind of thing! And it's such fun to receive the comments and photos from old friends, cheering on my new career.

But I have to admit to a bit of anxiety - what if no one likes my book? Do you think big-name authors still go through this kind of stomach churning worry, when they know friends, family and the New York Times Book Review are sitting down with a glass of wine to read their latest offering? Does Nora Roberts still worry?

I have my fingers crossed that people are enjoying the story - and I hope to hear from them either way to get some input. I'm at that same crossroads where I stood a year ago when my first e-book was released... it's hard to move on and write anything new until I know whether people give my current writing the thumbs up or down.

UNFOLDING THE SHADOWS garnered great reviews from critics and friends, but few sales. So far with this book, sales have been good, but no reviews...

Are you an author? Do you worry about these things, and if so what do you do to get over the anxiety?

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