Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

While the Macy's Day Parade might be the biggest Thanksgiving Day parade going, the annual Thanksgiving parade held in Plymouth, Massachusetts bills itself as "America's Biggest Hometown Parade."

There aren't any Broadway performers, but there are floats and marchers representing every stage of American History, from the Plimoth Wampanoag Natives through the Revolutionary War, the turn of the century, and Civil War soldier re-enactors. The State Police Marching Band is there, as well as the Highland bagpipe group from Cape Cod, kilts and all despite the chill wind.

There are marching bands and fife and drum corps from up and down the East Coast, only one of which is a high school band (from Plymouth High.) Restored antique cars of every era are represented, and there are several groups on horseback - including a team of giant Clydesdales pulling their wagon! The parade winds its way through Plymouth's streets and waterfront district for more than 2 hours.

Vendors hawk their wares to the crows lined along the sidewalks... cotton candy, balloons, hats, mittens, scarfs, plastic toys and noisemakers of every description... including knockoffs of the annoying horns that became so infamous at this summer's World Cup matches.
There are even parade balloons! Not quite the size of the ones in New York City, but impressive nonetheless.
And what Thanksgiving Day parade would be complete without Santa riding near the end of it all?

Wishing you and yours a happy, healthy, and safe Thanksgiving Day!

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  1. Looks awesome! Happy Thanksgiving to you too Katie!


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