Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday Reading

My daughter loves Meg Cabot. She has a rotating list of favorite authors, and Meg Cabot is currently in the number one slot, edging out Gail Carson Levine by a hair.

When my girl scout troop had to write reports on women they admire, who inspire others, the reports ranged from Anne Frank and Helen Keller to Miley Cirus and Kelly Clarkson. My daughter chose Meg Cabot. After reading her biography and doing some research on the internet, she fell in love with her even more.

For 9 and 10 year old girls, Meg Cabot captures their current emotional experiences perfectly on the page, putting into words feelings the girls have trouble expressing even to themselves. Or as my daughter says, "I just like the way she writes."

My girl devoured the first three Allie Finkle books, and wants the next three for Christmas. Or sooner. They're never available in the library, and the waiting list was discouragingly long. At least it's a gift Santa will feel good putting under the tree!

I'm trying to remember feeling that way as a kid, about the authors of the books I read. I remember having to read every book in the Nancy Drew series, and the Louisa May Alcott books (after Little Women, Jo's Boys was my absolute favorite!) I had all of Mark Twain up on my shelf, but got lost half-way through Puddin'head Wilson (although I reread the Connecticut Yankee tale numerous times...) (...and now I think I need to read his autobiography!)

But I don't recall specifically studying authors until high school, when I researched Virginia Woolf for my English Honors class. Even then, I wouldn't say I fell in love with Virginia Woolf - I was inspired by her writing and her tenacity, but love? Worship? Nah, I didn't even enjoy all of her writing.

Is it our culture today that encourages us to idolize those who've achieved success?

Or are my children simply more aware of authors as people? People who work hard to write these books they love, and deserve to be recognized for their efforts. My kids watch me sitting at my computer, banging away... getting alternately happy when something goes well and dejected when rejections flood my inbox. Maybe my daughter sees Meg Cabot as the role model of what I could someday achieve - boy, wouldn't that be wonderful?

Something to ponder - what do you think?

So what are you - and your kids - reading?

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  1. I am waiting to read your book Katie! It can't arrive soon enuf!


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