Monday, October 3, 2011

Contests and Writing

This is how small Puppy was the first time I thought I was finished with my MG manuscript. There she is, asleep under my writing desk. I don't think her head even fits in that spot anymore, let alone her whole body!

Many rejections and revisions and rewrites later, the Puppy weighs almost 150 pounds and I think my MG manuscript is finished. Again. For real this time. Maybe.

Anyway, I entered it into the First Five Pages Contest over at Adventures in Children's Publishing, and got chosen to be one of the authors whose pages will be critiqued online.


I'm hoping not to be totally embarrassed or way out of my league compared to the other competitors... but I guess we'll see! If you have time, stop by and visit.

What are you doing to challenge yourself this week? Do you ever enter Contests?


  1. That's awesome. Congratulations on the wonderful opportunity.

  2. Woohoo, congratulations!

    I think it's adorable you can measure your writing against the size of your puppy!


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