Sunday, October 30, 2011

What are You being for Halloween?

Happy Night Before Halloween!!!

This year, my kids have all picked "characters" - from books, from movies, and from the news.

My youngest has recently discovered Heather Brewer's fun Vladimir Todd series, and even though she's a girl, she wants to be Vlad. We even used fabric paint to recreate the shirt on the cover of Eighth Grade Bites (above) and spent hours at the mall trying to find a plain black hoodie - you'd think it would've been easy? Nooooooo.... but finally found something suitable at Marshalls, in the young men's section. Apparently, everything for girls is required to have lots of bling. oh well...

My middle child is dressing as Christian Bale's character from 3:10 to Yuma, although I don't think he'll be peg-legging around school all day ;-)

My oldest wanted something easy, and went through the costume box of past costumes that were too much work to throw away... and he chose a white long-sleeved shirt covered with bloodstains... the source of which is a white tiger with big fangs biting onto the throat.... can anyone guess what real-life character he's going to be? I'm not sure many of hisfriends will get the reference, but it's a cool looking costume even without knowing the story of Siegreid and Roy...

I'm still working on Puppy's costume, and whether Puppy gets to come with us this year. She hurt her shoulder last week at the dog park, running through the woods with another dog and has been on restriction. Driving me crazy, let me tell you.

So what are the plans at your house? Or are you still recovering from a weekend of Halloween parties?

Whatever you do, have FUN!

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