Thursday, October 6, 2011

"Dogs Leave Pawprints on our Hearts"

Gracie was a 16-year-old shepherd/collie mix. She wasn't my dog, but belonged to another Cape Cod writer, and syndicated columnist, Saralee Perel.

I've worked with Saralee for several months at CapeWomenOnline magazine, but our interactions are all online. I haven't yet had the pleasure of meeting her in person, nor did I get to meet Gracie. I've just read the humorous and sometimes serious stories that Saralee writes about her animals, especially Gracie.

She called Gracie her "4-footed coach." Eight years ago, Saralee suffered a spinal cord injury, and when she returned from the hospital, Gracie appointed herself caregiver-in-chief. Unlike many human caregivers, Gracie never tired of her position and never left her post. Until this week.

Gracie passed away on Monday, leaving pawprints on many hearts.

You can read one of Saralee's stories about Gracie in the Fall issue of CapeWomenOnline magazine.

You can also visit Gracie's FaceBook page to read all the moving tributes people are posting on her wall.


  1. My sympathy to your friend on the loss of her pet. Boy, don't I know. Cody, my best pal, my walking companion, my alarm clock, we sing together, she listens to me chatter.


  2. I'm sorry for the loss of your friend's furry companion. It is never easy losing a beloved pet. Thanks for the link on Gracie's story - I'll head over there now.


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