Thursday, October 13, 2011

Paying it Forward

Tomorrow is the "Pay It Forward" Blogfest, organized by Matthew MacNish over at the Quintessentially Questionable Query Experiment. I'm kinda late to the party on this one, but excited to check it all out.

In his explanation of the fest, Matthew wrote:

Here is how the blogfest will actually work: The idea is to introduce everyone to everyone else. We want this to be an easy post that allows you to meet and follow as many other bloggers as you can. In your post, we would like you to please list, describe, and link to three blogs that you enjoy reading, but that you suspect may fly under the radar of a lot of other bloggers. Or they can be famous blogs, as long as they're awesome.

But don't stop there! Certainly visit and follow all the blogs that are featured in people's posts the day of the blogfest, but those don't have to be the only blogs you visit. You can visit everyone who enters in on the fun, and signs up on the linky list. In the interest of time you don't even have to leave comment. You can just follow, and come back another time. After all, we all know we don't have time to visit every blog we enjoy every single day.

The list of participants is up to 175 at the moment (I think that's me, the 175th...) and Matthew is hoping to reach 200 if you still want to sign up. C'mon. It'll be fun.

See you tomorrow for the blog hop ;-)


  1. Already signed up. Can't wait to meet some new bloggers.

  2. Yeah! Thanks for plugging our blogfest. Matthew had asked me to help and I think between the two of us, there's now almost two hundred participants. Tomorrow will rock!

  3. missed the pay it forward blog, so stopping by fashionably late! nice to meet you :)


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