Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holiday Craft Time is Here!

The holidays are upon us - and time to break out the glitter and glue! One of my favorite parts of the holiday season is making crafts (no, really!) and one of my least favorite parts is cleaning up after the girls! Oh, but we had fun...

For 6 hours on Sunday, my living room was turned into Girl Scout Craft Central as the girls prepared items to sell at this Friday's annual Holiday Stroll. We're dedicating half of our table to things aimed at animal lovers, and the proceeds from those items will go to the Animal Shelter, along with all the blankets and towels we've been collecting all month.

The other part of the table will be filled with ornaments that we've crafted from shells and beads and crafty things... and lots and lots of glitter... did I mention all the glitter?
What craft projects do you have going on for the holidays?

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  1. Crafts are awesome! My mom and I used to make our own Christmas ornaments - was so much fun. Those are some of my best memories.


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