Thursday, November 17, 2011

Who says Saint Bernards Don't Like the Beach?

Puppy likes the beach. A lot.

People are always surprised when they see her cavorting in the waves. "Is that really a Saint Bernard?" they'll ask. "I didn't know they liked water," is the inevitable followup.

Puppy doesn't know anything different. This is her beach. This is her life.

This is what she knows and loves.

Yes, she reeeeeally likes the snow, too. I'm sure she wishes there were a lot more of the white stuff around to roll and play in. But the cold waves of November are almost as good.


  1. Cool doggies :) My dog, a dalmatian, hates getting wet, but if she's at the beach she's dive i head first! It's pretty funny actually. At home, if I pull a bottle of water out of the fridge, she ducks. LOLOL

  2. Of course puppies like water and the beach! Doesn't matter the breed. They don't know the difference anyway.

  3. I never thought of a St. Bernard NOT liking water. Cute pictures.

  4. Oh my gosh, what great pictures. Makes me wish I was there on the beach too!

    I never heard about St. Bernards supposedly not liking water either. My dog hates getting wet and is a total priss about the whole thing. I tell him he's the biggest diva I've ever met.

    Love the pics! :)


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