Friday, November 25, 2011

Perfect for post-Thanksgiving reading: The Holiday Issue of CWO


Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! And hope that - like me - you're avoiding the "Black Friday" madness by staying home and hanging out with family and friends for this long holiday weekend.

If you find yourself needing a break from all that togetherness - which you must be if you're reading this - I've got the perfect solution:

The Holiday Issue of CapeWomenOnline magazine is online! Ready to warm your heart, make you think, and inspire you to new creative heights ;-)

...Or at least bring you back down from family-stress-mountain! If that's the place you find yourself, check out our new Department of Meditation columnist, Constance Wilkinson. Her frank tone and cheerful voice will have you breathing more easily in no time.

The Life Stories section is filled with holiday tales that will make you smile, as well as a few recipes - don't miss Gail Nickerson's authentic Glogg recipe, which really needs to be made this weekend to ferment in time to celebrate Christmas Eve in Swedish style!

Our Creative Women section introduces you to some wonderful Cape artists, including one group show that plans to use their exhibit to collect donations of care package items to send overseas to a platoon of New England Marines. In Community Action, check out the article that my Girl Scouts wrote to advertise their service project for the local animal shelter (I'm so proud of their efforts and told them if they wrote it, I'd make sure it got published. They did, and I did.)

If you've just spent Thanksgiving arguing about food with your conservative Uncle Frank, check out my article on Food Labeling in our Environment section. Did you know that 70% of all processed food products in the U.S. are made with genetically engineered ingredients? And they don't have to put any of that on the labels? Follow the link in the article to the Just Label It website and sign the petition to make the FDA require companies to tell us what's in our food.

Enough of me rambling - click on over to the magazine and see what's going on for the holidays on Cape Cod. And while you're there, sign up to receive our announcements - we only publish 5 times a year, so I promise we don't send many emails. No worries about a flooded inbox (like mine this Black Friday - is everyone getting all these email notices - I mean, how many times can the stores send out the same message with a different header?)

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