Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Were any of your New Year's Resolutions about learning something new?
Well then... have I got the book for you!

INSTANT SONGWRITING is a book about the ins and outs of Musical Improv Comedy, so yeah, if you're a comedian or an improvisor of any kind you really need to buy a copy of this book. Especially if no one was thoughtful enough to gift you one for the holidays.

But what about the rest of us?

This book is good for you and me, too. Because it's fun. And who doesn't need a little more fun?

The book's online description reads:

Instant Songwriting is the ultimate how-to book for musical improvisers and an excellent resource for songwriters. With over two decades of musical improv experience, Nancy Howland Walker guides you with clear, logical and fun step-by-step exercises, from the very basics of putting a song together, to highly advanced song techniques.
Whether you are new to the art form or experienced, your songs are improvised or written, or you do this for fun or profit, Instant Songwriting helps you take your song skills to the next level. Musical tracks are included for each exercise – to accompany you as you practice and master each step along the way. Now go and become the Songwriting Diva you were meant to be!
See? And wasn't that really your New Year's Resolution anyway? To become the Diva you were meant to be? No? Not so much? Hmmm. Maybe I have you confused with someone else.

Anyway, I already have my copy. You can get yours at Amazon.

You can also find INSTANT SONGWRITING on Facebook and Twitter, and on the web at http://instantsongwriting.com/

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