Friday, February 1, 2013

Puppy Tales: In Which Puppy Professes Her Love of Vegetables

I know that I go on and on about Puppy's sweet tooth - and yes, I did actually make her a stack of pancakes for her birthday last weekend and slather them with maple syrup. (The photos are on my Facebook page if you don't believe me! Check them out!)

She blew out her candles (with a little help) and proceeded to eat the entire pile one by one.

As in, she sucked them up into her mouth one at a time, giving each an obligatory chew before swallowing it practically whole and continuing on to the next pancake in the stack while Big Dog watched from the sidelines with jealous drool hanging from her mouth.

But - aside from maple syrup - one of Puppy's favorite treats is a carrot. Seriously. I mean, look at the smile.
That is the face of a dog who LOVES her veggies. Carrots are at the top of her list, and she comes running at the sound of the vegetable peeler (in much the same way my cats used to come running for the sound of the can opener, in the days before pull-top cans.) (Am I showing my age here?)
In the summertime, her favorite things are the cherry tomotoes my husband grows in the yard (her favs are the orange Sun Gold variety.) (Is there an orange thing going in her head?)

But in the winter, she enjoys her root veggies - she also likes baked potatoes and brussel sprouts. Not so much for the cauliflour or broccoli, but she'll eat them in a pinch.

Carrots are definitely the pick of the bunch.

How about you? Do your dogs eat their veggies?


  1. I made puppy pancakes but with oats and no butter and stuff that they can eat. So much fun.

    Our dogs LOVE carrots. There's even pictures on my blog of them eating them.

    Frozen carrots, pieces, whole carrots. They don't care. Fun stuff.

    Have a great weekend.

    1. I've never tried frozen carrots with our dogs... might give that a go ;-)

  2. Our two Cairns were veggie monsters. Anything from the kitchen. Potato, pepper, carrot. Keeping them out of the garden was difficult; they figured out how to dig for Yukon Golds. But, the worst was keeping them off the asparagus patch! Don't tell Baby there's far more.

    1. We barely have room for tomatoes and blueberries in this yard - we have a plot at the community garden, and I make her wait in the car when we're there. She's a little too rambunctious to trust around so many plants - especially ones that aren't mine ;-)

  3. Too cute and what a wonder mom you are. Pancakes, my boys have to beg me to make pancakes for them. But Patches, my puppy, she gets whatever she asks for! :)

    1. (the kids had pancakes for Puppy's birthday too. They had chocolate chips in theirs, too, just to be sure to differentiate them from the Doggy Cakes!)


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