Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Writing Wednesday: Where Do You Get Your Inspiration?

I've been finding it really hard to write lately, as we are undergoing house renovations. Lame excuse perhaps, but I'm one of those writers who like it quiet... the blend of hammering, voices, power tools, and other people's musical choices are way too distracting for me to focus well. I sit at my keyboard and don't feel inspired.

But when I was walking on the beach the other day with the dogs, I had a great idea for a new YA story. It grew in my head for a day or two (during morning walks, away from the chaos at the house) and then I related the idea to my middle son later that week as he was walking the dogs with me after school. He was excited and encouraging.

And I have yet to get the outline down on paper or Word doc.


That's one of those things that sets writers apart - we're supposed to actually act on it when we get these cool ideas and flitting movie scenarios in our heads.

Walking on the beach is my quiet time, and when most of my productive thinking happens. Sometimes it's my zen meditation kind of time, but I'm not zen enough to dismiss the wayward thoughts when they start taking shape into a good storyline. I like to follow them down the path and see if they turn into something.

Where do you get your inspirations from? And How do you make the most of it when you get an idea for a story?

Do you rush to the computer and start writing? Make an outline? Open a new document and just start with Chapter One?Or do you jot the thoughts and character descriptions down on scraps of paper, a specific notebook, the back of cocktail napkins at the bar?

Thinking about Inspiration and our Muses doesn't "jinx it" - it helps open us up to be receptive to it. Having a game plan for what to do when you get a good idea also help the idea to stay alive in your head. (Think about how many cool ideas you've had for books that are gone now because you didn't flesh it out for yourself at the time.)

Where do you get your inspirations? And how do you keep them from fading away?

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