Monday, March 16, 2015

Monday Book Review: THE WEDDING TRAP, by Adrienne Bell

The Wedding Trap, by Adrienne BellPublished July 2013

About the Book (from Goodreads):
Beth Bradley has a problem. Everyone is expecting her successful music executive boyfriend, Charlie, to be her date for her best friend’s wedding. There’s one hitch: Charlie doesn’t exist. Unless she can think of something fast, she’s headed for the most humiliating weekend of her life.

Alex Tanner has a problem. The former Navy SEAL's search for a double agent lands him at the Kensington Hotel, and he needs a cover to finish the job. When the sexy maid of honor blackmails him into pretending to be her lover, he thinks he's been handed the solution.

Except Beth has a way of stumbling into trouble, and when the man Alex is hunting starts targeting Beth, Alex has to decide between duty and the woman who has stolen his heart.

Beth Bradley has a secret that's about to be exposed.

For years, she's had an imaginary boyfriend, created to keep her mom off her case. It works out well for situations like the one she's in presently, where she has to be at her best friends wedding, but her real life sleeze of an ex boyfriend is also in the wedding party. Unfortunately, both Mom and Ex are getting suspicious that this mysterious Charlie never shows up to anything. They might be onto the fact that "Charlie" doesn't really exist.

So Beth does what any panicking bridesmaid might do and enlists the help of a stranger to play the role of Charlie, just for a quick meet and greet and then oops, gotta catch that flight scenario. Simple, right? Except the guy she asks has his own agenda for this wedding and is secretly an FBI undercover agent. He's happy to help Beth out, but takes the role more seriously than she asked for...

This is a fun, fast paced romp, light-hearted and sexy with just a whiff of danger and suspense to keep the pages turning. A perfect beach book or escape from stressful holiday overload.

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