Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Writing Wednesday: Chatting with Marlow Kelly and her new release, A WOMAN OF LOVE

Today it's my pleasure to welcome romance author Marlow Kelly to my blog. She writes historical romance for The Wild Rose Press and stopped by to answer a few questions and talk about her new novella, A WOMAN OF LOVE.

Hi, Marlow! Tell us a little about yourself and what kind of books you like to read and write.

At the moment I enjoy writing historical romance, but would like to venture into contemporary romance. (I’d like my characters to be able to say, “Okay,” which is a modern word.)

I read a combination of historical and contemporary. Lately I’ve been getting into romantic suspense  - Carla Neggers, Linda Howard and Julie Garwood to name but a few. Of course this just fires my imagination and I have undeveloped story ideas that someday I’d like to explore.
What's your favorite part of being an author?

When someone likes my work. It’s not so much ego as the fact that I’ve given that person a few hours of enjoyment. Life’s hard, as women we deal with mundane things like laundry, and housework. Not to mention the ever-present problem – what shall I cook for dinner tonight??? If I can provide a diversion for a little while, then I’ve done my job.

What’s one piece of advice you’d offer a new writer?

Be prepared to learn, learn, learn, and be kind to yourself because you can’t learn it all in a day.
The best piece of practical advice I can give is to always read your work aloud. If you don’t want to be the crazy person sitting at the computer talking to yourself then get a program like Natural Ereader Free. You can put your ear buds in and listen to the words you’ve written. You’d be amazed at the errors you’ve overlooked.

If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

Ohh, that’s a toughie. I wouldn’t want to be able to read minds, or be a fly on the wall. Some things are best left to the imagination.

I think as a mom I would like the ability to snap my fingers and magically teleport myself, and my family, anywhere in the world, instantly, no travel time or expense involved. That would be very helpful to me.  
Tell us about your new novella, A WOMAN OF LOVE.

It’s a short read, a few hours at the most. My story takes place in Victorian England. It’s about a woman, Annabel, whose husband loses at cards and forces her to pay his debt in the bedroom.
James Drake cheated. He wants an evening with the beautiful, Annabel. He has no intention of forcing her to do anything. He just wants to question her about her husband’s criminal activities.
What happens when they meet? You’ll have to read the story and find out.

Okay, if you’re casting the movie of your book, who would play the main characters?

I never picture my characters this way, and I actually had to Google images of actors, which made me realize just how out of touch I am with the entertainment industry. But anyway…

Elisha Cuthbert would play Annabel.

James would be played by Travis Fimmel, but not in his Vikings garb. I saw a picture of him with long dark hair and a beard. But Travis has blue eyes and James has dark brown eyes and a scar that crosses the right side of his face narrowly missing his eye.

Where can readers find your book and where can they find you online?

My book is only available online. You can find it on

Thanks for visiting with us today, Marlow! Best of luck with this new release! And don't forget to enter the Rafflecopter Giveaway for a $10 Amazon giftcard!

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  1. Katie, thank you for hosting me today. Your interview was a lot of fun.
    Perhaps you can share something about your current WIP? I'd love to hear about it.

    1. Thanks for being my guest! Your new story sounds intriguing!

      My current WIP is also a novella, for the upcoming Candy Hearts series that Wild Rose Press is putting together for Valentines 2016. An artist and a gallery owner, each looking for a fresh start, and maybe a second chance at love. (I love stories of second chances!)

      Best of luck with your new release!

    2. Sounds...heart warming, and wonderful. You'll have to have a guest spot on my blog once it's released.

  2. Lovely interview, ladies. Marlow I like the advice--be prepared to learn and be kind to yourself--don't expect to learn it all at once. I always have that expectation and am impatient if I don't! Love your blurb and am looking forward to having time to read the book!! Best of luck

    1. Thanks Barbara. It took me years to realize that having the right attitude was just as important as having inspiration for a story.

  3. Great interview. I really enjoyed reading Marlow's responses. Congrats on your release Marlow! :-)

  4. Thank you JC, and congratulations on your recent releases too.

  5. I love your idea of a super power. Now that my family lives in Alaska, airfare to anywhere is pretty expensive. I like the idea of instantly appearing at a destination. Best wishes with your book.

    1. Yes, I think that's why I want it. Everyone in my family and my husband's family is so far away. It's not that we don't want to visit, but coming up with the time and the money is hard.


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