Monday, September 21, 2015

Monday Book Review: Asylum Harbor by Isla Grey #TWRP

Asylum Harbor, by Isla Grey
Published September 16, 2015 by The Wild Rose Press

About the Book:
Trouble is the last thing Devon Brown needs when she leaves the painful memories of her past behind and heads to Shell Island. As the Salty Dog’s new bartender, she finds herself drawn to Kerr, the Shell Island harbormaster. But finding her happily-ever-after is difficult when dealing with an obnoxious bootlegger who supplies the bar with illegal liquor and a jealous coworker.  
A standoffish loner with damaged emotions, Kerr avoids relationships like the plague. Things change when Devon catches his eye. As a simple flirtation grows serious, the coworker and bootlegger quickly become obstacles to any future Kerr and Devon may have together. As the situation worsens, Devon realizes that even the still waters of Asylum Harbor are no refuge during a storm.

My Take:

Devon Brown is a young woman on the run, not from the law but from her abusive stepmother and stepsister. She's taken as much as she's willing to and is looking for a clean start. She's a strong character, no longer willing to take crap from others and always speaking the truth.

A friend finds her a bartending job on a barrier island that's popular with tourists and fishermen but also a pretty isolated and insular community. She quickly gets to know the locals, one in particular who makes her heart race despite his surly behavior.

 Harbormaster Kerr is handsome, brooding, and  not the trusting sort, but somehow Devon eases her way into his heart. He's been lied to in the past and made mistakes that hurt people he loved, and is quick to believe he deserves anything bad that comes his way, but not as quick to admit his feelings for Devon or talk through problems when they arise.

And of course problems arise. Trouble rears its ugly head in the form of a few nasty locals with their own agendas, keeping the story racing along a wild roller coaster of highs and lows through several misunderstandings and several chilling fight scenes.

This was a fast-paced novella that I really wish had been a full-length story. The characters were so complicated and layered, I wanted to learn more about each and every one of them. The back stories were outlined but not fleshed out, which is fine in a story this length, but like I said, I wanted more! The author does a wonderful job in making us care about these characters with so few words, and covering lots of ground time-wise without making the story feel too jumpy.

If you're looking for a quick satisfying romance with a hint of mystery, and a smattering of danger, I recommend Asylum Harbor. But if you're like me, be warned that while satisfying, you may end up wanting more. Ms. Grey better have a few more books in the works!

I received an ARC of this book before publication in exchange for my honest review.

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  1. Great review. Asylum Harbor sounds like a terrific and intriguing read. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about it.

  2. I'm really confused. All I see on Amazon is one 4 star rating. No reviews...INCLUDING MINE! I agree with your review. Fast paced, intriguing, great characters. But, I would have liked more backstory. I'll be following Isla Grey.

    1. Yeah, the critical reviews I read were on Goodreads, which was too bad. It seemed like the readers who didn't like it were looking for more of a sweet, easy beach read. Didn't they look at the cover or read the blurb?

      When did you post on Amazon? I know they've been slow for posting a lot of reviews lately. Not sure why.

    2. It was sometime last week. Now that I think about it, I never got a confirmation. I leave reviews on Goodreads, but never read them. A lot of those people are too mean.

    3. Was the book available for sale yet? I know Amazon wouldn't let me leave a review the first time I tried. It went up right away today.


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