Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Writing Wednesday: About those Book Reviews...

You may have noticed my new badge up in the left corner that Goodreads sent to me last week. Yup, a top reviewer on their site. Not sure if it's because of the number of reviews posted, or the number of likes and comments they garner, but it made me happy so I stuck it up there for now.

Writing reviews isn't all that hard. In fact, I received a great new review today for my Valentine novella SAY YES that was only a handful of sentences long, but it made my day.

Made.  My.  Day. 

The reader bought my book, read my book, and dashed off a few lines to say that she liked it and why. My book made her smile, and then she returned the favor and made me smile. Easy.

I did a whole post a while ago (and a magazine column, at that) on writing good reviews. However.  Most of us are readers and not "real" reviewers. Amazon (and Goodreads) reviews are all about reader opinion and helping other * potential * readers decide if they'll like a certain book or not. Your words don't have to be uber clever, and you don't need to add tons of quirky memes and graphics.  Just be honest.

If you like a book enough to recommend it to a friend, take a few moments to leave a quick review. It takes less than five minutes and means the world to the author to know they connected with you.

You'll make their day. Seriously.

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  1. Totally agreeing with you.

    I got a review a few months back for "Flipping the Scales." It was a few paragraphs long, but the first few words were all I needed to have my day. They were: "This book is beyond adorable."

    Very grateful for all the reviews, and it's been a pleasure making other authors grateful with reviews I've written.


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