Friday, November 3, 2017

Friday Feature: November and December Releases!

FIRST - As of November 1st, Breaking the Rules is now available as a stand-alone on AMAZON for $2.99. It's a fast-paced read set on Cape Cod in early summer, and I totally love this story and hope readers will too! This was my contribution to the Hunks to the Rescue anthology over the summer - now out there on it's own. Happy Book Birthday!

SECOND - I have a release date for DECEPTION! The third book in my Son of a Mermaid series will hit bookstores and ebook retailers on DECEMBER 15. I'll get the pre-order thing going soon, but for now I just wanted to share and squeeeeee! For those who can't wait another month, here's another excerpt from the story - enjoy! And Happy Reading to all!

As the mermen slowed their approached, he saw a mixed group of both Nerine and Adluo, all five with weapons drawn. Obviously not searching for a mere human with that many swords. More likely hoping to capture him and Shea. Zan didn’t know whether to be flattered or insulted that someone thought it would take five armed mermen to capture a sorcerer of his power.
Definitely insulted. The more he thought about it, the angrier he grew. He’d been used like a tool all his life, doing the bidding of others. Carrying out orders. Living in Demyan’s shadow, as if he didn’t have thoughts or powers of his own. In the last few days, he’d felt more valued by his new companions than he had in the last seven years under Demyan’s command.
Perhaps the world forgot how powerful he actually was. Zan languished in that prison for months under a dampening spell, unable to even break simple chains. But the magick lived inside him, not Demyan. He felt it now, sparking at his fingertips, itching to show this group of goons what one sorcerer could do.
All the frustration he’d felt while in prison, all the raw emotions he’d held so tightly, all began to bubble to the surface.
The repressed anger at the guards when they beat him for no reason.
His deep-rooted fear that the Lord Magistrate would uncover Kae’s secret.
The intense longing he felt for a mermaid who loved someone else.
The endless guilt over his starring roles in each of Demyan’s twisted plans.
The emotions swirled through him, the water around him warming and churning in response. Zan glanced toward the surface, and saw the last of the scuba divers finally pull their legs from the water. Perfect timing.
He didn’t want Shea or Kae to feel the power he was about to unleash. He’d tried it their way. Tried to be “one of the good guys,” as Shea put it. But what good would it do to allow these mermen to get away? They’d swim back to the Lord Magistrate and reveal what they’d seen. Or tell Demyan his human prisoner had escaped. Zan couldn’t allow either of those things to happen.
Besides, bottling the magick inside himself was no fun.
Dead men tell no tales.
He turned to face the guards, a dark smile beckoning them forward.
“Come and get me.”
~ * ~ * ~ * ~

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