Friday, January 29, 2010

Finishing a Month of Guest Blogs and Interviews

For the Long, Cold Month of January, I've been keeping busy and warm here by the computer, flitting around cyberspace and chatting with authors, readers and friends. My "blog tour" has been a lot of fun, if not as grueling as some (one author friend of mine did 25 blogs in 25 days to chat about an upcoming Christmas tale!)

To read my interviews, you can click on the links in the box over in the left-hand column under "Where You'll find Me" - I'll be updating it today to take you directly to my post (as opposed to just taking you to the site.)

To round out the month, I'll be on Sky Purington's "Write Mind" blog starting Saturday January 30th through Friday February 5th, to kick off her month-long event of visits, interviews and excerpts from paranormal romance authors. I've had fun getting to know another fellow author and ghost-lover, and can't wait to read her books!

Now that you've read all these different interviews, do you feel like you know me better? Are you more or less likely to go buy the book after reading several different excerpts?

So what are your thoughts on blog tours? Is it fun to zip off to different spots and check out new sites? Have you followed me all over cyberspace and need a break to rest your tired mouse? Are you an author who likes to fill out interviews and chat with new readers about your latest release? Obviously, I've been having fun with it - what do you think?

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