Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Looking for blue skies...

The sun is trying to break through the clouds, just as I'm trying to break through the fog that has my head feeling like I'm underwater. So many things I should be doing, none of which include writing a blog entry of course. And yet - here I sit, typing away.

The devastation in Haiti is overwhelming and pervasive in its presence in the media. It's hard to worry about cleaning the house when so many people have no more homes at all. The election here in Massachusetts also became overwhelming and omnipresent for the last four days - I can't even count the number of robo-calls we received from both sides of the argument.

Beyond that, my kids were home from school for four days. It feels like the holiday break only just ended. I haven't finished packing Christmas away.

And to top it all off, it rained for the last few days. Straight through. No fresh powder here on Cape Cod. Just cold rain and mud.

I'm trying to be an optimist. I'm looking for blue skies today, for me, for Massachusetts as the state and nation start to heal after a divisive and mean election, and for the people and aid workers in Haiti who experienced yet another strong earthquake overnight.

2010 is off to a rocky start. Let's all hope the clouds start to blow away soon.

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