Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hoping for Calmer Waters...

Writing this week reminded me of the tides. The ebb and flow of ideas. The crash of a big wave while I wasn't ready for it, only to find it had drawn back out to sea before I could put fingers to keyboard and capture it.

I'm hoping for calmer water this week, for the words to just flow easily onto the page. Some days - some stories - are like that. Others crash about in fits and starts, not willing to be pinned down. You can't catch a wave upon the sand.

I did manage to pin down the last photograph for the Winter Issue of The subject was elusive: hard to get on the phone for an interview (busy woman, new job title, and 3 kids at home) and hard to catch on film.

The closet paparazzi stalker that I am, I went on photo safari. I took my camera everywhere in hopes of catching up with her. Spying her at the edge of the bleachers in the middle school gym, I sidled up to her at the half-time break during our sons' basketball game and dragged her out into the school's courtyard for a few quick snaps. Article finished!

I also managed to finish up my interviews for two more blog appearances I'll be making this coming week, and try to plan more appearances for the future. This week:

Monday and Tuesday, January 25-26 I'll be appearing on Book Talk with J&J

Thursday, January 28th I'll be the guest on Author Exchange

Links to both of these web pages are in the left-hand column of this blog, as well as the links to the other cool places I've visited this month! I'm so grateful for all my fellow writers who've taken the time to get to know me and have me as their guest! It's been fun!

Have a great week, with smooth sailing and calm water for all!

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